While operating in the large surveillance systems often it is not enough just to find the particular person in the archive, but also to observe this person's track between various cameras' field of view. Eocortex team announces breakthrough solution: new and unique Suspect tracking module
Suspect tracking module allows to sequentially track the movement of a person going through different cameras of video surveillance system. 


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Users who work with video surveillance systems and use video achieves most often need to use the video indexing function. Traditionally (without using our indexing with special features), the process is as follows: An operator looks at an image on one camera, searches for a suspected person, browses the video archive, and checks to see whether or not this person appears on any other camera. Normally this process takes a lot of time. 

And that is how the process appears when the new video indexing technology is employed. It is very simple: the camera captures the appearance in a video of a specific person, and the operator is able, by one click of a button, to select automatically all the appearances of this person from the cameras’ viewpoints.  It is then possible to track all of this subject’s movements easily:  where they came from, and when, where, and how they moved. Within a particular surveillance system, the indexing technology is able to locate people with similar features who were within the cameras’ viewpoints during or within a specific period of time. Usually, the system finds a lot of different people with similar features and presents them in the form of snapshots. The operator only needs to click on those images and subjects which need to be tracked. Within a minute or so, it’s possible to track all the movements of a particular person, and even to create a step-by-step video of the movements.

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