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50 IP cameras at the Krasnoyarsk stadium

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Eocortex Software and 50 IP cameras operate at the Krasnoyarsk Central Stadium.

It was necessary to equip the Central Stadium with the video surveillance system to hold the secure football competitions. The cameras were installed to monitor the stadium entrances and spectator stands, to provide the safety for fans and football players. The analog video surveillance system installed before was unable to fulfill the surveillance tasks, at least, because the analog cameras could not provide a clear picture. IP technology gives the possibility to record in several megapixels, to provide the higher picture quality, that is why it was decided to install the IP video surveillance system based on Eocortex IP camera software.

At the software selection stage, IT specialists got acquainted with several video surveillance products and made a thorough comparison to finally choose Eocortex solution. The end customer has reasoned his software choice as follows:

"Eocortex compared to other systems was initially developed for IP cameras. Eocortex interface is self-explanatory, the setting is simple, and the unification of several servers into one system was implemented conveniently. During the installation process, we had several questions on the control over dome cameras, and within the shortest time, Eocortex specialists have prepared an updated version with extra features. The system provides high performance even at middle-class client computers allowing to watch FullHD-video in several streams. Archive recording works smoothly; all settings and viewing modes are user-friendly as well."


Customer feedback on Eocortex VMS 1/2   Customer feedback on Eocortex VMS 2/2    IP cameras at the Krasnoyarsk stadium  



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