Change log

2.1.24  18.04.16

System as a whole
• Reserved channels licensing.
• Changed failover functionality: implemented real-time broadcast of reserve channels, added the "hot" switch option - with reduced channel switching time to the reserved server.
• "Hard Drive Problems" option added to the Events log, containing a list of drives with the detected functionality problems during the server start.
Intelligent modules
• Suspect tracking: new interface, perspective consideration.
• License plates recognition: incorrect entry highlighting in the "Archive" tab.

• Implemented the licenses online activation.
• Implemented the possibility to close the dialog box of server settings application when the use process takes more than 30 seconds.
• The button reset to default settings is added for intelligent modules.
• When the camera built-in motion detector is switched on all intelligent modules are disabled in the channel (because the software motion detector is used for their operation).
• The cameras deleted from configuration are no longer taken into account when displaying the archive size.
• Added search for Active Directory users’ accounts.

Eocortex Client
• Changed the design and functionality of Suspect tracking.
• Implemented the possibility to set alarm cells on the "usual" surveillance monitor.

Plugins of cameras and devices
• LTV: unification of models in the universal plugins, improvement of work with the archives of NVR E-Series video recorders ; Auto Search for V-Series cameras; LTV T-Series support; Joystick display for CNT-Series cameras.
• IDIS: some models were combined into one universal plugin.
Alteron: support for video and audio from the camera.
• HikVision: support for HikVision HTVR-0820LT video recorder.
• AxyCam: AD Series cameras support.
• Milesight: support video and PTZ.
• FalconEye: Support video, motion detector of BL / DL series cameras; support of FalconEye HSPD.
• Panasonic IPro: support for zoom and focus for cameras with motorized lenses.
• Dahua: video support, I/O, archive on Dahua DVR.
• Axis: receive video in quad mode from Axis F-Series cameras; Support and Auto Search in Axis A8004-VE intercom.
• Samsung: combination in one universal plugin (Techwin Old Models) of the following models - SNO-5080R, SNV-5010, SNB-1000, SND-1010, SNV-3120, SNP-3430H, SNP-3371 / H / TH, SPE-400, SPE -1600R, SNB-7000, SND-7080, SNV-7080, SNO-5080R, SPE-400, SNV-5080R, SND-5080.
• D-Link: Support for motion detection and I/O for D-Link DVS-310-1.
• CISCO: support for video from CISCO CIVS-IPC-3421V cameras.
• OMNY PRO: OMNI brand renamed to OMNI PRO.
• Navigard: Navigard DVR support.
• Keno: receive video from Keno KN-CE201V2812 cameras.
• Sony: receive video and Auto Search from Sony SNC cameras.
• Tantos: TSi-Ple1F, TSi-Dle1F - motion detector, I/O; TSi-(P,Pm,DVm,DV,D,EB,B,FV)x1x(F,V): motion detector, I/O, auto search.