The schedule of our free webinars in January 2019

Dear Partners,

Below you will find the schedule of our free webinars in January.


Eocortex solutions for industrial installations | January 16, Wednesday


Eocortex offers to enhance your knowledge regarding creation and setup of surveillance systems on industrial installations.

Since the industrial installations are associated with strict safety requirements, Eocortex offers you a ready-made solution capable of monitoring manufacturing processes and ensuring personnel safety.

In the course of the webinar you will find out:

- what challenges can be solved by Eocortex software at an industrial installation;

- which modules can be used for solving these challenges.

Real-life cases of using Eocortex at industrial installations:

- advantages of employing packaged solutions by Eocortex.


 Industrial solutions webinar

Eocortex video analysis system in logistics and warehousing: process optimization and provision of safety | January 23, Wednesday


Eocortex offers you an opportunity to enrich your knowledge on creation and setup of warehousing security systems.

In the course of the webinar you will be given the following information:

- the tasks that can be tackled by Eocortex software in warehouses;

- the modules that are used for these tasks;

- practical solutions offered by Eocortex at the industrial installations;

- advantages of employing Eocortex packaged solution.


 Warehouse solution webinar

New Eocortex video surveillance capabilities owing to integration with third-party systems | January 30, Wednesday


Eocortex invites you to learn more about the capabilities of the integrated security systems at the webinar entitled “New video surveillance capabilities owing to integration with third-party systems”.

Striving to ensure maximum ease of use, the producers of various devices and software try to ensure their compatibility.

When creating security systems, the integration of various tools in a single environment helps to increase efficiency and convenience of operation manyfold.

Video surveillance, access control systems, security and fire alarms, public address systems, monitoring systems… How to integrate all of these in the Eocortex environment? What aspects need to be considered?

We will speak about all of the above at the webinar on January 30, 2019, at 14:00 Moscow time.

In the course of the webinar we will:

- review the possibilities of joint operation of the Eocortex software with other security and automation systems;

- get acquainted with the real-life uses of integrated systems (actual cases and lifehacks);

- demonstrate operation of integrated products in Eocortex environment.


 Integrations webinar


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