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70 IP cameras at 22 Street Lane Nursery

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22 Street Lane Nursery in Leeds is kept secure with 70 IP cameras and Ultra VMS.

Ultra video management software, that is particularly designed for the large-scale video surveillance systems, is keeping 22 Street Lane Nursery’s children and employees safe and secure.

Located in Leeds, UK, 22 Street Lane Nursery is aimed at parents seeking childcare that will support their child’s holistic development. 22 Street Lane building had been empty for many years and is now undergoing a transformation. In June 2016, the doors of an extraordinary new nursery in Roundhay, Leeds is set to open for the first time. The Nursery will offer an exceptional and innovative early learning experience for youngsters aged from three months to five years. It is a top end nursery in the UK with about 90 children attending and a waiting list of over 200.

IP cameras are installed in the garden area, outdoor classroom, play stream, mud kitchen, hedgehog hotel, performance terrace as well as spacious rooms over four floors equipped with natural furnishings and toys offering children an exclusive place to flourish safely.

Alexandra Lawler, Marketing Manager, 22 Street Lane Nursery, said:

“Every parent that returns to work wants to be safe in the knowledge that their child is being lovingly cared for in a setting that will support their growth and development. As a new brand entering the market we needed an identity that excited parents and reassured them”.

This is the very first project implemented with Ultra VMS by CCTVdirectEocortex exclusive distributor in the UK. The nursery is still underway with some cameras needing to be installed. Video surveillance system currently has about 70 IP cameras consisting of 3MP Samsung SNV-7084R, SNO-7084R, SND-7084R and 1 x Uniview IPC6248SR-X22 which is a 4K PTZ.


22 Street Lane Nursery 22 Street Lane Nursery 22 Street Lane Nursery


With Ultra, there is no need to install any additional software for the large video systems' needs. With Ultra Video wall, one can configure workstations with any number of monitors just by dragging the frames from IP cameras in the system. In the 22 Street Lane Nursery case, there are 8 video walls running with 32inch Iiyama touch screen monitors and 1 on a 49inch LG 4K TV. CCTVdirect has employed Intel NUC i5 6260 for each client video wall and a custom built Secure Logiq Server with 128TB of storage. Various server backup and replication options embedded ensure failover and the safety of the data recorded. That is the perfect mix of flexibility, accuracy and clarity designed for the nursery’s video surveillance system.

Ultra allows solving a wide variety of security tasks bringing numerous Intelligent modules including just announced Suspect tracking module. Suspect tracking module allows to sequentially observe the movement of a person going through different cameras of video surveillance system.

Simple licensing and transparent pricing are the inherent Ultra’s financial benefits. 22 Street Lane Nursery just needed an Ultra license per each channel that they are using, lifetime updates and mobile applications are provided for them free of charge.

Definitely, the benefits of Ultra VMS go beyond monetary savings when the safety and security of the children assured.


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